OCT 05, 2021
Italy’s Largest Consortium of Olive Oil Producers Partners with Euranet and Adopts the Secure and Sustainable Algorand Blockchain to Improve Supply Chain Transparency and Efficiency.
By: Italia Olivicola
  SEP 30, 2022
Torre Pallavicina Dairy signs on for blockchain and smart contracts, bringing innovative traceability to the Grana Padano PDO supply chain. Grana Padano is the most popular PDO cheese in the world.
By: Caseificio Torre Pallavicina

Euranet is an international consulting firm founded in 1997 specializing
in compliance management.

Euranet has developed the blockchain solution “Choralchain 4.0” for the “Digital Compliance”.

 Quality, Safety & Environment

  • Establish an Integrated Management System
  • Maintain Management System in your country’s locations
  • Move your Management System to the highest possible standards
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Security & Business Continuity

  • Establish an Information Security and Data Protection Management System
  • Implement a Supply Chain Security Management System
  • Prepare a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan
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Corporate Compliance

  • Establish a compliance management system
  • Implement a anti-bribery management system
  • Upgrade and maintain your data protection management system
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Digital Compliance

Consulting services and solutions for the process optimization by using the following technologies:

Process Mining, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Cloud Computing

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  • Implement a Corporate Social Responsibility Management System
  • Evaluate the environmental impacts of a product, service or activity (Life Cycle Assessment)
  • Develop the GRI Standard for Sustainability Reporting
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 Energy Management

  • Perform an Energy Audit and monitoring of plants and buildings
  • Implement an Energy Management System (ISO, EnergyStar, SEP)
  • Determine Energy and Water Savings using IPMVP and Mathematical/Statics Modeling
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ICT & Industrial

Implement and review management system standards taking into account the new Industry 4.0 standards.



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 Food & Beverage

  • Implement a Food Safety Management System (ISO, FDA/FSMA, BRC, FSSC)
  • Evaluate compliance of Food Contact Materials (EU,FDA)
    Assess food regulatory compliance of products (EU, US/FDA/FSMA)
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Biomed & Pharma

  • Establish and maintain international management system standards;
  • Implement a sustainability management system standards;
  • Assess regulatory and voluntary compliance of process & product;
  • Support for accreditation of testing laboratories.
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Constant monitoring and liaisons with the client on the project
advancement status

Save Money

Operating Costs Containment


Careful and thorough check on products delivery with the
Client’s representatives

Project Management

Manage projects by sharing the goals with

Standards Services

Conformity with legal requirements and industry standards


Multidisciplinary and comprehensive integration of the
proposed solutions