Digital Compliance

Consulenza e soluzioni per l’ottimizzazione dei processi mediante l’utilizzo delle seguenti tecnologie:

  • Process Mining

  • Blockchain

  • Machine Learning

  • Internet of Things (Iot)

  • Big Data

  • Cloud Computing

Consulting Services

  • Data collection design for management system standards
  • Topology design
  • Processing relevant data and attribute selection
  • Process & data mining services
  • Post-processing and decision support services

Reference Standards

Process Mining

  • The IEEE 1849-2016 XES Standard as published in the IEEE Digital Library
  • DOI 10.1109/IEEESTD.2016.7740858
  • Preprint of the published IEEE 1849-2016 XES Standard
  • XML Schema Definition for the IEEE 1849-2016 XES format
  • XML Schema Definition for the IEEE 1849-2016 XESEXT format

Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies

  • Reference architecture (ISO/AWI 23257)
  • Overview of and interactions between smart contracts in blockchain and distributed ledger technology systems (ISO/NP TR 23455)
  • Terminology and concepts (ISO/22739)
  • Legally binding smart contracts (ISO/AWI TS 23259)
  • Taxonomy and Ontology (ISO/AWI TS 23258)
  • Overview of identity (ISO/NP TR 23246)
  • Security risks and vulnerabilities (ISO/NP TR 23245)
  • Overview of privacy and personally identifiable information (PII) protection (ISO/NP TR 23244)
  • P2418 – Standard for the Framework of Blockchain Use in Internet of Things (IoT) (IEEE-SA)
  • Focus Group on Application of Distributed Ledger Technology (FG DLT) (ITU-T)
  • The Web Ledger Protocol 1.0 – A format and protocol for decentralized ledgers on the Web (W3C)
  • NISTIR 8202 (DRAFT) Blockchain Technology Overview (NIST)

Machine Learning

  • Framework for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Systems Using Machine Learning (ML) (ISO/IEC AWI 23053)
  • Information technology – Vocabulary – Part 31: Artificial intelligence – Machine learning (ISO/IEC 2382-31:1997)
  • Focus Group on Machine Learning for Future Networks including 5G (FG-ML5G) (ITU-T)